Welcome To Wavertree And London


Manufacturing Process

We make all our products right here in Australia for you.

All our soap bars are made using the traditional method of French Triple Milling. Quite simply, this process allows the bar to be completely uniform and smooth, without impurities and is longer lasting than other methods. Passing the soap blend through the mills makes sure the soap bar has fragrance and Shea Butter right through to the very last piece.

Handmade by us and using our unique jars, Wavertree and London candles are made with a lot of attention and care. We have developed specific fragrances just for our candles to achieve the highest possible fragrance throw. Once the wax is melted to its optimum temperature we blend in the fragrance and pour into our jars. Only making small batches at a time, we are able to ensure quality of our finished product.

Our diffusers use a non-alcohol base making it safe for travel and your homes. Using specifically made fragrances for diffusers, this ensures you have a subtle fragrant house without being overbearing or underwhelming.